Renewable Energy Ecology

Steven M. Grodsky, PhD


How does energy development affect the ecosystems we all are a part of?

How can we facilitate renewable energy development that meets human energy demands and mitigates climate change while sparing land for biodiversity?

How can we can ensure holistic and encompassing sustainability for future generations of people?

Welcome to my renewable energy ecology website! My colleagues and I study interactions between soils, plants, and animals and renewable energy development to inform conservation in the face of rapid global change. I conduct interdisciplinary and collaborative research aimed at better understanding ecological effects of renewable energy production on the ecosphere. I employ creativity to help solve environmental problems, educate others about energy ecology, and build  the framework of an emerging ecological field of study: renewable energy ecology. 


I am the Founder/Co-director of the Wild Energy Initiative housed within the John Muir Institute of the Environment at the University of California, Davis. The Wild Energy Initiative facilitates impartial research and education on interactions between energy development and Earth, including its systems and species, to address urgent sustainability issues.


Founder/Co-director: Wild Energy Initiative

Postdoc in the AridLab: University of California, Davis

Co-editor: "Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation" - Johns Hopkins University Press (2019)

Curriculum Vitae